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Mar 13, 2011


Rare celestial event will happen on 19 March. At that time, the full moon will appear and the distance to the nearest position to earth. This phenomenon can only happen once every 18 years.

On March 19, 2011, the moon will be at the closest distance to Earth at the same time almost simultaneously with the peak of the full moon.

Based on astronomical data, on the same day at 19:10 GMT distance of 356,577 kilometers of the moon with the earth. An hour earlier, the peak full moon occurred on March 19 at 18:11 GMT. In astrological terms, that position is known as a super moon or  super extreme moon  that is believed by some as a sign of disaster for the living beings on earth.

Genesis distance of the moon closest to earth (perigee) is a monthly event, although the distance varies with the period average of 27.3 days. Similarly, the events of the full moon with a period of about 29.5 days. Because of differences in that period, the emergence of the same perigee with full moon can only occur once 18 years.

What to look out for is the impact of the strengthening of the tidal effect on Earth, especially in sea water when the top of the full moon closest to the distance of the moon. When bad weather at sea and coastal areas reinforced with maximum tidal effects when perigee and full moon, he said, be wary of potential hazards in coastal areas that might cause flooding tide (rob) a larger than normal. Similarly, when a buildup of energy in earthquake prone areas and the mountain erupted, the strengthening effect of the tides the moon may have the potential to trigger release of energy.

But the perigee the moon along with the full moon is not a major cause of the disaster, but it could be a trigger reinforcing effect of other factors. That is, if there is no indication of bad weather on the coast or no accumulation of energy in earthquake-prone areas and areas prone to volcanic eruption, there is nothing to worry about with the position of perigee in conjunction with the full moon.

P/S : Wallahu.. Sekian. Terima kasih..

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